Giving Back: Art for Change

Collecting art impacts and changes your world

and the world around you.

Discover how your artwork purchases improve the quality of lives for others too.

A portion of all sales goes toward funding important causes such as:

  • Mental Health
  • Animal Conservation
  • Environmental Conservation
  • Human Rights
  • Education
  • Autism Advocacy 

Payal is working with local animal shelters and local mental health organizations as well as larger organizations such as World Wildlife Fund and Autism Speaks and the National Park Service and the Jane Goodall Institute, to help people and animals heal through art.

Each artwork sale spreads loving magic to those who need it, and through little acts of kindness is how we change the world.   

For example, if a portion of the sale goes to animal conservation to help critically endangered animals, it will help those animals in need.  

In a way, this gives a voice to the animals who have no voice.

Such as in the critically endangered black rhino artwork below!


A painting such as this Jane Goodall painting below, would have a portion of its sale go to the Jane Goodall Institute, helping with animal and environmental conservation. This gives a voice to the animals and their habitats and helps their survival and spreads their awareness.  


These organizations and programs are making a big difference in the world.  

As always, THANK YOU very much for your support, your love, your purchases, your kind words.  

You are supporting our artwork, our dreams, our life, and also giving a voice to animals and people around the world.

You are spreading your magic by doing so, and the changing the world! 

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