Custom Artwork Commissions and Pet Portraits

Custom Artwork Commissions and Pet Portraits by Payal Emery


THREE TYPES of Artwork Commissions:

1. Pet Portrait Commissions 

2. Custom Commissions (personal requests)

3. Commissions of Previous Artwork




You can commission Payal to paint a custom Pet Portrait in a colorful style like some of the examples below:

Email Payal at least 3 photos of each pet.  
Each photo must be close up, bright, clear, and non-blurry.  
The better quality the photo, the better the painting and more details will show!
You and Payal will confirm the image, the size, and any ideas you have with the painting.
Payal requires a half or full deposit upfront before painting. 
Once a deposit has been made, commissions are completed in the order they are received.  You can expect on average about 2-3 months for the painting to be completed.  It may be completed sooner or later.  You can Contact Payal for any updates. 
Here are the prices and sizes for Pet Portraits:
8 in. x  8 in.:  $125 
10 in. x 10 in.:  $150
12 in. x 12 in.:  $200
14 in. x 14 in.:  $250
16 in. x 20 in.:  $300
20 in. x 20 in.:  $350
18 in. x 24 in.:  $400
24 in. x 30 in.:  $450
30 in. x 40 in.:  $800
There is an additional price of $75 for each additional pet in the same painting. 
FREE Shipping in the United States
Contact Payal regarding International Shipping outside of the U.S.
These prices will be increasing very soon and can increase at any time!! 
If you are interested in a Pet Portrait or have any questions about what size or colors or ideas might work for you, or any other questions then you can Contact Payal at
She would LOVE to hear from you!





 Do you have a unique idea that you want Payal to create?  A meaningful painting that you have in your heart that you would like painted? 
Is there something you want brought to life in colorful art?  Just ask!
Payal has done various commissions and will work with you to create a beautiful masterpiece. 
You can Contact Payal at to ask about custom commissions.


Previous artwork created can be commissioned to be recreated either as is or with some personal requests or changes made.  
Pricing varies on each artwork based on size and details involved. 
Please contact Payal to learn more about pricing for any of these artworks or any questions you may have! 
Here are some examples:
If you have any questions about whether a commission is possible, just ask!
Email Payal at 


Contact Payal

Contact Payal at about your interest!! Yay!  Super excited to hear from you!  You can just say you are interested in learning more about Pet Portraits or other Commissions and Payal will help with the rest!
So much excitement is involved, because Payal LOVES painting and can't wait to get started on bringing this love and color and emotion and joy into your or your loved one's home! 
You Contact Payal here



As always, THANK YOU very much for your support, your love, your purchases, your kind words.
You are supporting our artwork, our dreams, our life, and also giving a voice to animals and people around the world.
You are spreading your magic by doing so, and the changing the world!