Copy of About Payal Emery, the Artistic Nurse


Payal Emery, professional artist and family nurse practitioner, has blended her worlds together to create the Artistic Nurse. Painting unique, powerful, colorful artwork has become her passion, and her passion has helped others find their own inspiration and spread their joy. Art and creativity can free voices.

Payal has always had a love for art and science and animals.  She explored various science and health fields, and then started working as a Transplant Nurse with an incredible team at Yale New Haven Hospital.  While working as a nurse, she went to school to become a Family Nurse Practitioner. 

Now as a Nurse Practitioner, Payal helps heal patients, physically, emotionally, and mentally, learning about many unique individual situations, and how self-care and stress management can truly help with healing.

Her skills as an Artist and Creative have helped her find creative solutions to helping people.  

As soon as she is home from working as a Nurse Practitioner or whenever her children are napping or at school, she immerses herself in her art studio.  It provides her a place of healing, to de-stress, to express all inside her onto the canvas.  She creates original artwork, pet portraits, healing art, and much more for others in her studio. 

She has always loved art, especially since she fell in love with it through her elementary school art teacher, and then it was re-kindled when her college roommate brought out acrylic paints and canvases, and her love for painting was born!

Since then she has always created art in different ways, and recently her dream of going to Art School finally came true through the Milan Art Institute.  Through this school, she found her true purpose, helping give voice to those who feel their voice isn't heard. 


Payal started her story as painfully shy and unable to speak up and has slowly transformed to someone who speaks out on a variety of causes, such as animal conservation, mental health, human rights, health and education.  She uses her art for awareness of these causes.  And she emphasizes the importance of really looking out for ourselves, using art, dance, creativity to help us feel better. 
Payal’s artwork is bold with bright loud colors just like her vision to empower others that their voice matters and to speak up for what is important to them. 
Payal creates unique, powerful, colorful artwork.  Art has become her passion.   It is the vehicle through which she can help others spread inspiration and joy and have their voice be heard!

She sells vibrant, joyful original artwork as well as art prints and products.

She also takes unique artwork commissions including beautiful pet portrait commissions.



She uses her healing experience as a nurse and her creative experience as an artist to blend a world of creative healing that gets transformed onto the canvas and in turn transforms her, and gives inspiration and healing to others. 

She is passionate about helping to empower others to be their most awesome selves, so people can spread their magic, and change the world.

It is her passion that people can become happier and more joyful and calmer through tapping into and exploring their deeper more authentic selves.  

Using the creative process, we all can make art, and feel happier.


"Live life colorfully. Art has the power to truly heal you.  
Be the artist of your life, painting color, love, adventure
with your own brushstrokes!"

-Payal Emery


Payal was born and raised in coastal Connecticut.  Payal Emery’s art studio is open year round and has beautiful views of wildlife and plenty of sunshine.  She is blessed to be able to go straight to her studio.    

She is a mother of two creative, wild, unique, animated sons!   She is married to her Jamaican husband who is similar to her but also her polar opposite in many ways so it is quite an adventure together! Payal and her family are always dancing and finding fun ways to be creative with games, obstacle courses, art, cooking and more!

Payal had an American Eskimo and Pitbull, two dogs who were her loves of her life, and she misses them deeply. She understands that bond with one's fur soulmates and expresses those feelings when she creates her pet portrait commissions. 



Payal's younger son, Taj, has autism and she is a passionate advocate for his healing.   From inflexibility, to speech delay, to lack of communication, to major meltdowns, it has been a very huge challenge.  Payal and her family have worked very hard every day playing with him, talking with him, helping him open up, and finding therapists who really connect with him.

This past year he has truly blossomed and his unique personality is shining.  IT IS AMAZING.  He loves building, creating, cooking, all the vehicles with wheels and has an amazing way of looking at things.  She shares his story and this has helped so many people going through similar struggles. 
Art has helped him so much.  Over time he has learned to be much more free with his hands and the brushes.  It truly has been healing for him and her! 

Her two sons love being in the art studio!!  They express themselves so freely and just let it go.  It has provided so much inspiration for her, and has helped her let go of imperfection and feel more free and as well. 

Her older son Jai currently loves recreating Payal's artworks in his own unique way.  He loves dancing and painting! He says, "I love using my imagination to create whatever I want."

Her sons create their own art as well and also help create backgrounds for a lot of her artworks. They both created this artwork below.  They were both so free and just let loose their colors and brushstrokes together. Taj even used his truck to wheel the paint on the canvas. 


Payal wants to create more artwork like this for people where they create the backgrounds and can collage your photos on top.  It is such a beautiful unique way of having family photos on the wall.
Payal has gone on life-changing medical mission in Cuzco, Peru and plans to travel to do more medical missions incorporating art as healing. 


Payal plans to create Online Art for Healing and Empowerment classes.  She wants to continue to use her artwork for change. She truly believes others can heal profoundly from art as well.

Each artwork sale helps important causes, such as animal conservation, mental health, help for people with special needs, undeserved areas around the world, and much more! 
With your purchase, you too, can spread your magic, and change the world!  She uses her art and her messages to help spread words of inspiration and healing. Hearing from so many people who have been touched by her art and words and story keeps her inspired to spread it more and more. 

Payal's vision is to create joyful and inspirational artworks that speak to the soul and inspire people to pursue creative expression in their own way.

Payal's art process is full of energy, and color, and layers, and lots of music and dancing.  She loves to read and learn more about her themes in her paintings, such as Prince and his songs, how an animal lives in its habitat, the themes that a hero is passionate about or more, and incorporates that into her art.

She also listens to the music of an artist, while painting it and it weaves Into the artwork the songs in a deeper way!! And she has a lot of fun while painting which is expressed in the joyful colors.

Her mission is to spread this joy to others!! And let everyone know that their voice matters and they deserve to be happy, joyful, and full of inspiration and adventure.  And spread the message that anyone can create art.

She invites you also to view life in a vibrant and joyful and creative way! 

Payal is so happy you are here and hope we can spread some inspiration and joy to you!

She welcomes hearing from you!!  Please contact her here to learn more!

Her originals, prints, and art commissions, are other ways she spreads her magic and uses that to help others and change the world. 




 Giving Back





  "Thank you Payal for all you do as a nurse,
a mother, wife, sister, daughter, cousin, auntie, friend, artist...
your positivity reaches not only the people you touch,
but also the people "they" touch.
I appreciate you and I am happy to be
in touch with you."
- Ann-Marie 



Remember you are powerful, your potential is incredible.  And YOUR VOICE AND STORY ARE SO IMPORTANT.  

If you are going through a tough time, remember there is help and there are so many ways to help you heal.

Don't forget that! You are not alone.


If you would like to get into contact with Payal, click here!