Custom Artwork Commissions and Pet Portraits by Payal Emery


Three types of Artwork Commissions:

1. Pet Portrait Commissions 
2. Custom Commissions (personal requests)
3. Commissions of Previous Artwork 
You can commission Payal to paint a custom artwork of loving pets and fur babies! 
Details of how to commission your very own Pet Portrait listed below. 
You can also email Payal at info@payalemery.com to ask any questions or learn more!
Here are some examples:





There are also commissions based on your requests.  
Do you have a unique idea that you want Payal to create?  
Is there something you want brought to life in colorful art?  Just ask!  
You can Contact Payal at info@payalemery.com to ask about custom commissions.
Artworks that have been created and already sold can be recreated.
Artworks that have been created can be recreated with some changes made.  
For example, one person commissioned the elephant with hearts in a larger size. Another person commissioned the elephant with hearts to have music notes and hearts, but mostly music notes. 
Here are some examples!
If you have any questions about whether a commission is possible, just ask!
Email Payal at info@payalemery.com OR
Direct message Payal on Facebook or on Instagram
Pricing varies on each artwork based on size and details involved. 
Please contact Payal to learn more about pricing for any of these artworks.
Artwork is created on professional high-quality canvases. 
Here are some of the sizes available:
10 in x 10 in
12 in x 12 in
14 in x 14 in
16 in x 20 in
18 in x 24 in
24 in x 30 in 
30 in x 40 in
You can measure the area(s) you would like your painting and go from there.  If you have questions about what size might work for you, then you can Contact Payal at info@payalemery.com. We are happy to help!
These paintings are done in acrylic and mixed media, such as paint pens and markers, collage, acrylic inks, and much more! Some paintings are also done with oil paints. Materials depend on the themes and style of the painting. 
A lot of love and joy is put into each one of these paintings.  



1. Contact Payal at info@payalemery.com about your interest!! Yay!  Super excited to hear from you!  You can just say you are interested in learning more about Pet Portraits or other Commissions and Payal will help with the rest!
2. Once we discuss the details, you can send photographs if it is a pet portrait or send ideas that you have about a custom commission and we can talk about ideas involved in the paintings. 
Many people request commissions based on Payal's colorful vibrant style and ask her to make it in a way that she feels would connect with the unique artwork.  
If you want additional things involved, just ask and we can see what we can make happen! 
3. For commissions under $200, the full price is usually taken up front, unless you need a payment plan and we can work that out!
Commissions over $200, half the price is paid up front, and then the other half when the painting is finished, right before shipping.  Payment can be made via Apple Pay, PayPal, Venmo.  
4. Usually commissions take 3 or more months because of other paintings and commissions being done. Since she has two sons she is busy exploring life with, there usually is no specific deadline. She does always promise high quality and beautiful artwork!
5. If you require your painting to be finished sooner, you can make a request, and see if it is possible, and there may no charge or there may be a fee depending on when you need it finished. 
6. So much excitement is involved, because Payal LOVES painting and can't wait to get started on bringing this love and color and emotion and joy into your or your loved one's home! 
You Contact Payal here
For a more details on commissions, please contact Payal at info@payalemery.com.
As always, THANK YOU very much for your support, your love, your purchases, your kind words.
You are supporting our artwork, our dreams, our life, and also giving a voice to animals and people around the world.
You are spreading your magic by doing so, and the changing the world!