Bob Marley, One with the Music

Bob Marley, One with the Music

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16 in x 20 in

Acrylic on Canvas

Original Artwork by Payal Emery 



In this painting, the dreads flow and become music notes. Bob Marley was one that felt the music within in him so much that it became a part of him, he became "One with the Music" as in the painting title.

The music of Bob Marley can captivate and put one in a calm sense, feeling the music as one listens to it.

His music reflects the celebration of life and the embodiment of struggle and touches all colors, races, countries, and everywhere.

It is hand signed by Payal Emery and is ready to hang and is waiting to bring color, joy, and inspiration to any room!

Various Sizes

This painting can also be recreated in other sizes. Please contact Payal to ask about this!  

Any questions about this painting?

Get in touch, Payal is ready to help you choose the right piece of art and help you with anything you need! 

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