Jeffrey the Positively Peaceful Pit Bull - Tote bag

Jeffrey the Positively Peaceful Pit Bull - Tote bag

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On this tote bag is Jeffrey the Positively Peaceful Pit Bull.

He is one of our favorite pit bulls who has helped many people with his gentle nature and through his therapy and his love!!  Jeffrey is the pride and joy of Michele Houston.  Jeffrey is an incredible story of a rescue dog who now lives a wonderful life full of love.  He helps so many through his therapy and his love. Their mottos are LOVE BIG and Advocate by Example. 

This is a painting of Jeffrey painted by Payal Emery and the artwork is on the tote bag spreading their message!

About Jeffrey's journey (in his mother's words!):
"Coming from a high kill shelter and being a Pit Bull type dog, it was important for us to advocate for both "underdog" populations.
Over the years, we have learned so much about effective advocacy.
We choose to advocate by example.
You can preach to people or share information on social media but there is a way to make a deeper impact.
Get out there and set an example, this is how you can really make a difference.
People may not always remember what you say but they sure do remember how you make them feel so we make a conscious effort to leave everyone we meet with a warm feeling in their heart and hopefully a more open mind."
We try to make a difference each and every day by giving back to the community and uplifting others.
I was given a chance to have a great life and in turn, hopefully we have encouraged others to adopt dogs from shelters.
There are diamonds in the rough sitting in shelters all across America.
You may find your own treasure right in your local animal control facility."