Misconstrued Healer

Misconstrued Healer

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16 in x 20 in

Acrylic on Canvas

Original Artwork by Payal Emery 



"The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the services of others." - Gandhi

This work of art can be interpreted in many ways.

One meaning:

It has influences of a medical provider who is a healer, working to make change.  Sometimes it is difficult to make real change to help people in the current medical system.

Healers provide much needed help, but at times the presence of the healer especially on medical missions and in community health is felt for only a short time, and more work is needed to provide permanent help for those in need, especially the children around the world.

Another meaning:

The medical professional becomes so consumed in her work and passion of healing the children of underdeveloped countries that she loses herself in the work. And what becomes more important than herself is the child himself.

And yet another meaning:

It can also mean that there is a tremendous need for healers across the world and they are becoming a presence in certain areas but vanishingly rapidly in others as the population increases.

Whatever the meaning, a sense of love and connection and healing is shown. 

What is YOUR interpretation of this piece?


Special Notes

It is hand signed by Payal Emery and is ready to hang and is waiting to bring color, joy, and inspiration to any room!


Any questions about this painting?

Get in touch, Payal is ready to help you choose the right piece of art and help you with anything you need! 

You can contact her at info@payalemery.com.

She is always happy to help and chat with you!