Owl: “Dance to Beat of Your Own Drum”

Owl: “Dance to Beat of Your Own Drum”

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20 in x 20 in

Acrylic Mixed Media on Canvas

Original Artwork by Payal Emery 


"Dance to the beat of your own drum. You are a wow in a world of ho-hum".
( from the movie Vivo by lyrical genius Lin-Manuel Miranda)

You are alive.
You are full of spirit.
Your essence and magical presence explodes like fireworks.
The world is full of beauty and music for you to explore.
Even in the small little things.
It is the little things that make magic.
That is what makes you alive and full of life.
Even when you feel sad, alone, hopeless, overwhelmed,
You are loved. You are important.
The world has such magic because you are YOU.



It is hand signed by Payal Emery and is ready to hang and is waiting to bring color, joy, and inspiration to any room!


Any questions about this painting?

Get in touch, Payal is ready to help you choose the right piece of art and help you with anything you need! 

You can contact her at info@payalemery.com.

She is always happy to help and chat with you!