Snowcapped Mountain Escape

Snowcapped Mountain Escape

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16 in x 20 in 

Acrylic on Canvas

Original Artwork by Payal Emery


Inspired by the works of Bob Ross, reminding us all to Paint and Live for Joy, and the mistakes are Happy Accidents and all part of this messy and fun thing we call Life.  Inspiring any one of us to create a Masterpiece in a few hours, Bob Ross let go of being in museums in order to spread more joy to the world.   

This beautiful snowy landscape is full of calm, serene, meditative nature that makes you want to jump into the painting and relax by the mountains, trees, and water. 

This original painting is hand signed by Payal Emery. It is ready to hang and is waiting to bring color, joy, and inspiration to any room!


Any questions about this painting?

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